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Brake Check, Repair and Replacement

Your brakes are the most important safety-critical system fitted to your vehicle and it is essential that they are inspected regularly to ensure they remain in good working order. To ensure you get the best advice and the best prices on brakes, speak directly to us.
Identifying Brake Problems
If you notice any of the following you should have your brakes checked by us to find out if any components need replacing;

  • Dashboard Warning Light
  • Soft or spongy brake pedal
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Squealing brakes
  • Juddering under braking
  • Grinding noises

These may be the tell-tale signs of the deterioration that happens within your braking system over a period of time. If you suspect that your brakes are not functioning as well as they should, we recommend that you have them checked by us

Free Visual Brake Safety Check

If you think you have a problem but are not sure what it is, then why not pop in for a quick visual safety inspection. We will be able to take a quick look at the condition of your brake discs and brake pads (often without needing to remove the wheels) and can provide a no-obligation quotation if something needs replacing