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Car Servicing

Clear and transparent car servicing prices. No hidden extras.


Interim and full service, see whats included.

Item Interium Service Full Service
Engine Oil Changed
Oil Filter Replaced
All fluid levels checked and adjusted (if necessary)
Pollen/dust filter changed (if applicable)
Wheels removed, Brakes checked and adjusted if required
Tyre pressures checked and adjusted
Door hinges lubricated
Wipers and washers checked
Spark plugs changed (if applicable)
Air filter changed
Fuel filter changed
Service indicator reset, books stamped
Vehicle road tested (any faults are reported)
No unauthorised work carried out without consent
Stamp service book

What is the difference between an Interim and Full Car Service?

Intermediate Car Service

This is a smaller service but never the less a very comprehensive service which includes engine oil and filter change, pollen filter if applicable and all the checks and adjustments we carry out on our major service programs. You can rest assured that your vehicle will get a very thorough check over and any faults found will be brought to your attention.

Full Car Service

This is the complete service. Your vehicle will benefit from engine oil and filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, air filter and spark plugs (where applicable). We check and top up any levels that require it, check and adjust the brakes, inspect the steering, suspension, lighting, tyres and pressures, exhaust system. We will go through your vehicle from front to back, top to bottom and advise you on any repairs necessary. We will reset your service indicator and stamp your service booklet if one is present.

What to expect when your vehicle is serviced by ADH.

  • Quality work at a competitive price.
  • Free coolant replacement (if required).
  • No hidden extra’s.
  • No additional work undertaken without your consent.
  • A No nonsense, simple, honest servicing.

At ADH Automotive in Birmingham we understand how important it is for you to have your car serviced correctly and efficiently, our aim is to provide good service and have repeat custom We specialise in servicing, repairs, MOT, tyres and diagnostics on any make or model of car, and we have the expertise and experience to get you back on the road swiftly.

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